This is our journey with you:

1. Mutual and personal introduction

We highly value personal relationships and are convinced that a successful collaboration is only possible if we understand and respect each other. Therefore we always undertake personal introductions to get acquainted.

2. Non-Disclosure Agreement

If we are both initially interested in collaboration we sign an NDA to make sure we can exchange confidential information.

3. Non-Binding Offer

Within two weeks after receipt of the initial information provided after signing the NDA we schedule a personal meeting in which we present and provide you with a tailor made solution and detailed non-binding offer.

This offer contains a detailed overview of the valuation of your company, our investment including a specification of growth capital, your and our shareholders position prior to investment and post investment, the possibility for employer investments (if applicable) and a detailed financial outlook of the development of the value of your company during our collaboration: aiming at fulfilment of your ambitions.

4. Letter of Intent

If we both believe in collaboration and agree on the conditions thereof we enter into a Letter of Intent.

In this LOI we agree on the valuation of the company, structure of the transaction, time frame, due diligence (DD), Scale up session, closing date and further collaboration.

5. DD & Scale Up Session

During the finance, tax and legal due diligence, we always also undertake and offer you a 2 day personal strategic Scale Up session according to Scale Up. During this strategic session we deepen our understanding of our collaboration, your business and ambition(s) and the strategic plan for realising your ambition.

After a mutual positive outcome and belief in collaboration we enter into the fase of preparing documentation.

6. Closing

On a set date we close and celebrate together the transaction and start of our collaboration with a personal closing dinner.

7. Collaboration

Our joint effort and work commences!

Apart from our position as a shareholder we are fully committed and available as your sparring partner. We actively invest and support you with our experience, knowledge, Scale Up growth management method and network. We help companies scale to the next level of professionalism and impact. If requested and also to underline our full commitment we are also available for an advisory board position.

If during our collaboration period important projects must be done and the resources are not directly available, we are also available to help execute these important projects.

8. Exit

Towards accomplishment of our mutual strategic growth plan and your ambitions, we start preparing our mutual exit. With our experience in M&A we take care of and support you and the company in this time assuming project. We help to let you focus on the business and not get distracted with an exit project, were we simultaneously prepare this exit on our mutual behalf.