We help entrepreneurs build great companies

In over 50 years of entrepreneurship we have experienced facing and vanquish the many challenges entrepreneurs encounter. We therefore truly understand entrepreneurs and love helping them build and grow their company and business.

Actually, we -still- are these entrepreneurs and are driven to accompany these entrepreneurs on their journey to realise their ambitions.


Our dedicated team consists of people with extensive experience in building and scaling companies: Buy & Build, Sales, Scale Up ( methodology and coaching), M&A and investment/portfolio management, and they are distinguished by their human and personal approach.

Jeroen Schras

Co-founder Firefly

Jeroen Schras has successfully scaled up a law & consultancy firm and legal tech company in Rotterdam, and has 20+ years of experience in assisting companies professionalising and scaling up their businesses organically and/or via buy and build. Jeroen is a driven and strategic entrepreneur, and holds supervisory board and trustee positions.

Gerton Lusink

Co-founder Firefly

Gerton Lusink has successfully incorporated and build the Conxillium Group, consisting out of 8 software companies specialised in local government software. Gerton has 30+ years of experience professionalising and scaling up businesses organically and via buy and build. Gerton is a highly motived and strategic entrepreneur with sales and marketing in his DNA. Gerton is also a certified Scale Up coach.

Roeland Keser

Associated partner

Roeland Keser is a corporate finance professional with 30+ years experience in M&A transactions (deal structuring and deal management) and investment management. Roeland is valued and known for his thorough, pragmatic and respectful approach. Apart from his associated partnership with Firefly Roeland is owner of Keser Insight in The Hague.