In the past we have build several great companies and scaled them to the next fase of professionalism and growth.

Because we are absolutely fully committed to our investments and we feel obliged to always deliver the quality and (personal) attention we promise, our ambition is to exclusively invest in a maximum of approximately 1-2 companies each year.

This is why we can ensure full and focus on the collaboration with (the teams of) our investment companies.

In November 2021 we invested in our first portfolio company: Finance Factor.

Finance Factor

Firefly has taken a substantial interest in Finance Factor on the 8th of November 2021. Finance Factor is a niche service provider in the Flex Market for highly educated and experienced finance professionals (Interim/Search/Coaching). Finance Factor is a fast developing and growing company and has won the FD Gazellen Award already 6 times in a row (2015-2020) and the 7th for 2021 is only a matter of time.

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