Firefly invests in leading companies entering into the scale up and organisational fase encountering strategic challenges, and lead by ambitious entrepreneurs open to collaborate.

We invest in leading companies operating in the niche market of Business Services and Software with:

  • successful business model and track record
  • high growth potential  autonomously and/of via Buy & Build
  • an EBITDA of > € 500.000
  • > 10 FTE
  • an ambitious entrepreneur and team truly open to collaborate

With our investment and the redistribution we strive for 40-80% interest in the share capital.

We have extensive experience in building and scaling companies in the market of Business Services and Software. We actively invest and support with our experience, knowledge, growth management method and network. We help companies scale to the next level of professionalism and impact.

We work closely together and take mutual responsibility, because we believe scaling up is a team effort.